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Shark Fishing in Daytona Beach
with Captain Sean

Captain Sean specializes in shark fishing trips for families with kids of all ages and experience levels.  We’ll venture into the Atlantic Ocean and some of the most shark infested waters in all of Florida!

While the kids experience the most thrilling real life adventure of their Florida vacation, parents can relax and have fun shark fishing too, knowing Captain Sean will make sure all the kids get their share of live shark encounters!

After your shark fishing trip, Captain Sean can filet and bag your catch which you can take to Millie’s, a highly rated nearby seafood restaurant, to have it cooked fresh.

Captain Sean and guest anglers on a Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trip
Three happy anglers on a Daytona Beach Shark Fishing Trip

Shark Fishing Trips in Daytona Beach available for up to 6 Passengers

Captain Sean’s boat is a 28′ Luhrs with plenty of room for up to 6 anglers!  The boat has the comfort features you want most on a fishing trip including an extended cabin top for shade, plenty of seating and a port-a-potty! Remarkably clean and well-kept, Captain Sean’s boat has the latest safety gear and electronics including all USCG required commercial standard safety equipment

Family Friendly Shark Fishing Trips

Daytona Beach is a great destination for family fun and nothing is more exciting than a thrilling shark fishing adventure for the entire family! Take your family on an unforgettable shark fishing trip with Captain Sean!

Even little kids like this one can enjoy shark fishing with Captain Sean
A shark in the water

Go Fishing in the “Shark Bite Capital of the World”

Catch a Shark, Save a Swimmer!
If you want to catch sharks, Daytona Beach is the place to be! Daytona Beach is located in beautiful Volusia County, Florida, the undisputed “Shark Bite Capital of the World”. Florida leads the world in unprovoked shark attacks (16 in 2023). That’s more than any other state and even Australia! And two out every three shark attacks in Florida happen right here in Volusia County, home of Daytona Beach!

No Worries, Mate!
With millions of swimmers and surfers visiting Daytona Beach and Volusia County each year, your odds of an unprovoked shark bite are very slim. Most injuries are minor and very rarely fatal but it just goes to show you…THERE’S A LOT OF SHARKS NEAR DAYTONA BEACH!

Our Services Include:


Family Friendly Shark Fishing Trips


Friendly, Expert, Professional Guide


Comfortable, Safe, Well-Kept Boat


Everything You Need to Fish


Super Convenient Departure Location

From our Smiles Gallery

A family on a Daytona Beach Shark Fishing trip

Friends and Families are our Specialty

A boy with a hammerhead shark

Kids of all ages are Welcome!

Two friends with a shark

Big Kids Love Shark Fishing

Two brothers with a shark in Daytona Beach

And Little Kids, too!

A family friendly shark fishing charter

Family Friendly Shark Fishing Trips

Three smiling anglers with a shark

Book a shark fishing trip with Captain Sean!

10 Reasons to go Shark Fishing with Captain Sean

1) Shark Fishing is our Specialty

Captain Sean has over 30 years experience as a commercial fisherman and fishing guide and sharing the excitement of shark fishing with visitors of all ages is his passion!

2) Kids are Welcome!

Our family friendly shark fishing charters are planned with the ages and experience levels of everyone on board in mind.

3) Comfortable Boat

Captain Sean’s 28′ fishing boat includes plenty of seating, a port-a-potty, an extended cabin roof for some shade from the sun, a wide 11′ beam for added stability and room for up to 6 anglers.

4) Safety First

With many years of shark fishing experience, Captain Sean follows strict safety guidelines for the catching, handling and release of sharks.  Your family’s safety when handling sharks and the safe operation of his fishing boat with strict U.S. Coast Guard compliance is Captain Sean’s top priority!

5) Competitive Pricing

Captain Sean’s shark fishing charters are just $500 for up to 4 passengers. Additional persons are just $50 each with a 6 angler capacity.  You won’t find a more experienced captain with a nicer boat for less in Daytona Beach!

6) Everything You Need to Fish is Included

Captain Sean’s shark fishing trips include everything you need to fish including fishing licenses, fishing tackle and equipment, bait, ice for your catch and cold drinks, and even complimentary fish cleaning!

7) Super Convenient Location

Depart from our private marina just 6 miles south of Daytona Beach and minutes from the best shark fishing grounds in Florida!

8) Ecologically Sound Shark Fishing

Captain Sean follows sustainable fishing practices in strict compliance with all federal and state fishing regulations.

9) Catch and Dine

Have your shark catch prepared and served at Millie’s, a highly rated local seafood restaurant. Captain Sean is the originator of the “From the Sea to the Table” fishing experience in Daytona Beach! Cleaning and filleting of your catch is included with all our shark fishing charters.

10) The Biggest Smiles!

Nothing beats the thrills of a real life shark fishing adventure!  For the biggest smiles on your kids faces during your Florida vacation, take them shark fishing with Captain Sean!